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(Connaisseur, Suol, Poker Flat)
DORY (Listed)
JOE FOXTON (Fiction)



Some secrets are too good to keep.

On Saturday March 14, the Fiction Secret Society will open its hidden doors to some fortunate guests for a never before seen exposé of their surreptitious, salacious some would say troubling rituals and ceremonies. Never before have civilians had an opportunity to see the inner machinations of such a powerful, yet such a clandestine organization.

The space will be sumptuously decorated, with a comfortable chillout area, custom decor, lighting, and art. 

Costumes & props are encouraged but not mandatory.

PATRICK CHARDRONNET (Audiomatique, Suol, Poker Flat, Pearls Booking)

Patrick Chardronnet’s prolific productions are birthed from intense focus and flow… he locks himself up in the studio "off the beaten track", starts his machines and simply "lets things slide", as he says. In 2004 Chardronnet released a highly recognized debut on the frankfurt-based Raum...Musik label, which sparked the attention of Steve Bug. Bug then licensed Chardronnet's "Ledge” as the opening track on his "Bugnology” mix. And so it begun.

More releases and remixes on Poker Flat Recordings were to follow in 2005. The excitement about Patrick Chardronnet's productions was growing globally. He celebrated his signing to Connaisseur Recordings with a bang: "Eve By Day" found it's way into record crates from Berlin to Frankfurt to Ibiza. It became one of the most frequently played and purchased records of the year worldwide. This huge success led to appearances in countries such as the USA, Japan, Iceland and Russia amongst others.

From this point on,  Patrick also was one of the world’s most in-demand remixers. Since then he has delivered creations for many different kinds of artists and labels, without losing sight of the "electronic territory". His productions all bear his own unmistakable signature - tight beats, natural grooves and an impeccable intuition for timing and melody.

In recent years, Patrick has continued to have great successes with releases on Connaisseur Recordings, Audiomatique Recordings, Upon You and Suara, and again on Poker Flat Recordings.

In addition to his productions, Patrick Chardronnet is passionate about his live-performance. Everybody who has seen him live can attest to his passion for music and entertainment. His intoxicating live-sets create a very special infectious energy.

DORY (Listed)

Dory hails from just outside Chicago, raised by classical music junkies who persuaded her to start piano at an early age. Her first entry into DJing was while attending Northwestern University; Dory landed a DJ slot at WNUR, oft lauded as one of the top US college stations. (Mark Farina and Derrick Carter cut their teeth there inthe 80s and 90s.) Rocking dance floors from Europe to the South Pacific requires versatility and Dory consistently wins over new fans with her intelligent blend of groovy house and techno.

Equally at home at a warehouse party, a festival, or a super-club, she has played diverse events in the U.S. and abroad alongside the likes of Lee Burridge, Nic Fanciulli, Craig Richards, Danny Howells, Dan Ghenacia, Audiofly, Steve Bug, and Anja Schneider, including appearances at the BPM Festival (Playa del Carmen, Mexico), SF Lovevolution, and Streetparade (Zurich). U.K. heavyweight Desyn Masiello discovered Dory in 2006 through a mix CD, one which he said in a recent interview was “one of the best he has ever heard” and since then he has been a staunch supporter, inviting her to play at several of his label parties at the Winter Music Conference and keeping her at the top of his “up-and-coming” list. She is also a resident of Listed Productions, recognized as one of the most U.S. influential promoters, which produces creative, non-formulaic events around the country.

Dory now lives in New York City and has been keeping busy with mix duties for Faciendo, a new collaboration between Desyn and a handful of established and emerging European DJ/Producers. Faciendo broadcasts twice a month on 16 international major FM & online stations including: Delta FM (BA, Argentina) Sonica Radio FM (ibiza) Amnesia Radio FM (Ibiza) Warung Waves FM (Brazil) Udance (China) Proton Radio (USA) Prism Radio (France) Pulse radio (Australia) Tunnel FM (Sweden) Play FM (Dublin) Block FM (Japan) (coming soon) Insomnia Fm (Global online) Ensonic radio (Canada) Radio Bee FM (Bangkok).


Gavin Stephenson grew up influenced by an eclectic range of music spanning from the Beatles and Led Zepplin to the Clash and the synth pop of the '80s. When he discovered dance music in the late '90s, it all came together and took off from there. Gavin has been involved in dance music since he started DJing and produced his first party in 1998. He was the resident and a co-founder of the Spectra and Positive Pressure parties in New York City. By 2003, Gavin was DJing both stateside and internationally, with stops all over the U.S. and Europe, in Canada, Central America, South America, and North Africa. Between 2004 and 2006, he traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe playing as a label DJ for the Swedish dance label, Digital Structures.

In 2013, Gavin Stephenson became one of the founders of ebb + flow music, an NYC-based production company known for some of the best underground parties in the scene with consistent high quality music and an undeniably contagious vibe. As an ebb + flow resident, Gavin graces the crowd with funky bass lines, deep grooves, and forward-thinking music in every one of his sets. His ability to read the crowd and give it the necessary energy to thrive is a trademark of the musical journeys that he creates. During the summer of 2014, Gavin took his love of dance music to another level with collaboration on music production with Justin Marchacos and ebb + flow co-founder, Iman Rizky. Their work together spawned Second Format, a trio which has been producing tracks with driving bass lines and catchy, danceable hooks. Track releases are slated to come out early this year on Cityfox and beyond.


CALLNG ALL PARTIES (Interactive Art)

Calling All Parties is an New York City based interactive art collective. Our work explores narrative through the combination of multiple artistic disciplines. We produce genre-defying art experiences which foster engagement and encourage interaction.

Calling All Parties develops and performs interactive art works for festivals and creates installations for events in NYC, other US cities, and internationally. We also produce roving events where artists and art lovers join us in creating interactive visual and performance art on city streets.

Past and ongoing projects include: Alpha Pets, Andy, At 3am for 10 Minutes, Aqua Attack!, ACME Super Recruiting, The Dollar Store Tour, The Elvii Rampage, Goody Bag, Hysterium, Psychic Nails, Red Carpet, Touristism, and more.

Fiction is a series of concept events in intimate spaces around New York City. We passionately create themed experiences with interactive performance art, custom lighting, visuals and decor. We bring electronic music innovators from around the world to provide a soundtrack for our event concepts on high end sound systems.

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