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Fiction SideshoW showcases the most talented and charismatic artists of New York's underground music scene. For our February Sideshow we welcome a good friend  and very talented DJ, Crazy Larry,  who is a veteran within New York's underground music community. 

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Crazy Larry is a young and fearless talent with an insatiable craving for old and new sounds. Larry fell in love with dance music in 2000 via the Casa Del Soul record store and a deeply held love of wax. 

Currently residing in the depths of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and getting inspiration from DJ's like Koze, Three, Matthias Tanzmann and Pedro, he’s building on a name already made in Denver throwing parties and booking events at both Shelter and Vinyl Nightclubs, and as the purveyor of numerous debaucherous after hours (namely his Udder Madness and Cheap Sunglasses parties).  

Larry now devotes much of his time to new project, the ‘Time To Get iLL’ label, born off the back of Brooklyn based shindigs of the same name.

The label’s first release will come from Glacier - Larry’s current project with production partner Pier Bucci with their ‘Cabeza’ release, which is slated to appear in October. This follows an offering from them ‘The Rocky Mountains’ which appeared on Wagon Repair back in 2007.

Other Crazy Larry releases have come via staple American labels Siteholder, AirDrop, Fade, Auralism and hip Brooklyn based label Hallucination. Future Time to Get iLL projects on the horizon include releases from contemporaries Soul Clap, Tanner Ross and Adam Collins, which showcase shared influences from old school R&B, soul, and funk genres – placing Larry well within the current slow-down-and-low-down zeitgeist.

Larry Ursini is all about the records you may not know, but really enjoy – and with the party stamina of actual rock stars and the talent to back it up, the Crazy one can not possibly fail to command your attention, and leave his own lasting mark.

We will also be celebrating birthday of our resident Gilles Wasserman, our esteemed resident who never fails to bring positive, blissful energy to every thing he does.

Bring your smiles and warm hearts! The adventure is only just beginning! 

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