Lossless Showcase with SBTH & Aera

  • Analog BKNY 177 2nd Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States


Mathias Schober (aka SHOW-B) and Thomas Herb are the respected production duo known as SBTH. They are also the founders of the exciting label Lossless, responsible for distinctive, highly polished releases from Trikk, Love Over Entropy, The Drifter, Neil Flynn, and SBTH themselves. We're thrilled to bring these masters of their craft to Brooklyn.

Joining the Lossless crew is Innervisions impresario Aera, admired by top DJs for his mastery of production hardware, as evidenced by his innovative productions being rinsed by top DJs around the world.

The Fiction residents Gilles Wasserman, Joe Foxton, and Steve Graham will set the stage for the evening with their signature deep beats and smart melodies.

The event will be held at Analog BKNY, home of the impeccable SBS Slammer sound system, lauded by many as the best sound system in North America. The system is 100% analog end-to-end, and was built by the infamous "Shorty", who also built the famed Twilo, Vinyl and Stereo Montreal sound systems. A fitting sound system for talent of this calibre.

Doors open at 11pm


SBTH (Lossless)

SBTH is Mathias Schober & Thomas Herb, a powerhouse duo known for their exhilarating DJ sets and incredible productions.

Having caught the vinyl virus at a quite early age Mathias Schober a.k.a SHOW-B grew up in record stores rather than in local playgrounds, preferring backspins to backflips and scratched records to grazed legs. What started out as teenage enthusiasm grew into a serious passion, leading first to mixtapes and finally to club shows shortly after reaching the legal age of 18.

Since then, Mathias has been spreading his passionate love for house music all over the world in venues as varied as his beloved homebase Bob Beaman in Munich, Londons Jaded afterhours or the Goa events at Fabrik, Madrid. Even on the other side of the globe his performances are greeted with joy and affection by a buzzing and ever growing scene of fans and followers.

His many releases over the years have stood the test of time. He’s able to fuse classic elements, crisp kick drums and motor city references with a warm, contemporary twist, serving a timeless menu for musical afficionados and DJ’s alike. Mathias loves to branch out every now and then, exploring borderlines and areas yet to be defined. If there’s four words to describe what this guy is all about, they would be "Just House And Passion“.

The other half of SBTH, Thomas Herb, has built a strong reputation as a DJ when it’s about merging soul-injected house, techno and disco into a musical journey. With Compost Records head honcho Michael Reinboth, Thomas Herb co-hosted the Compost Black Label Sessions clubnights held at Harry Klein and later at Bob Beaman for the last four years – sharing the decks with the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Deetron, Osunlade, John Talabot, Kalabrese, Heidi, Move D & Thomas Meinecke and many more.

Thomas Herb has been a mainstay of Munich's vibrant electronic music scene for quite while. Starting in 1996 he soon became resident DJ in his hometown at the seminal Friday night event Flokati held in club legends Ultraschall and Harry Klein. 

Always far from being one-dimensional, deep, quality tracks will always be given airtime. His spontaneous mixing is never constrained by any genre boundaries and the result, the essence of his sets, is a versatile blend of true House Music. His ability to combine advanced mixing skills with an instinctive awareness for the perfect tune at the right time is one of the main reasons why he has been djing on top of the game for more than a decade. Over the years Thomas Herb has performed alongside artists like Dixon, Carl Craig, Karizma, Heidi, Ame, Deetron, John Talabot, Soundstream or Osunlade.

AERA (Innervisions)

Aera AKA Ralf Schmidt was born in northern Germany in the mid 80’s, growing up in a small, grey town just in between the Baltic and the North Sea. When the first wave of house and techno swept through the suburbs, young Aera was right there in the middle of it.

In 2010, after years of honing his craft in the studio and buying records, Aera started his own label Aleph Music. The label became home to the majority of his own productions as well as remixes from the likes of Mano Le Tough, among others.

Late 2011, Aera embarked on a trip through South America. It was during this adventure he wrote his debut long player “Offseason Traveller”, which was met with great critical acclaim across the board. He spent the winter of 2013 on La Gomera (Canary Islands) and this trip would prove to play a major part in the development of him as an artist. He wrote a huge body of work and having never sent demos of his music to other labels before, Aera decided it was time for that to change.

His first demo (Freak Wave) was picked up by Innervisions immediately and so the spark was lit, a full EP with Maeve followed in the coming months and suddenly things were on the move.

2015 was a breakthrough year for Aera, with live shows at the Maeve showcase at Sonar Barcelona as well as the Ellum show at ADE in Amsterdam and Institut Für Zukunft Leipzig. DJ shows were also on the rise with clubs like Panorama Bar Berlin, Harry Klein Munich, Radion Amsterdam or The BPM Festival in Mexico all enlisting his skills.

With EPs lined up on both John Talabot’s Hivern Discs and his own full four tracker on Innervisions, as well as continuing releases on Aleph Music, Aera has takent flight in his musical journey.


Gilles Wasserman, Steve Graham, and Joe Foxton are Fiction NYC's illustrious residents and favorites in the local underground scene, known for their mastery of deep grooves and smart melodies. They're sure to set a fitting stage for the incredible talent later in the night.

Soundcloud links:
Gilles Wasserman: https://soundcloud.com/gilleswasserman
Steve Graham: https://soundcloud.com/steve-graham
Joe Foxton: https://soundcloud.com/joefoxton