Many people have approached us wondering why we always book DJs and acts that are not so well known, under the radar so to speak. Let us explain…

Firstly, we NEVER book someone who we haven’t personally danced to. We ONLY book artists who had us in mind-lock on the dance floor.

We make a special effort to leave NYC and attend festivals and clubs around the world in search of artists that excite us. We go to ADE every year, split up, and hit as many events as we can. We are looking for those artists who don’t yet have a big presence in NYC that we think NYC might love… and who make us DANCE.

We don’t go for huge headliners and big names. We do know these people, as personal friends in many cases… instead of booking them, we ask them, who are the up-and-coming artists that they are most excited about? Who are the artists that they think are under hyped? Who opened for them and impressed the hell out of them?

Most importantly, we don’t like predictability. We like innovation. We want to be surprised and wowed on the dance floor.

Here are some attributes we value in an artist: Impeccable production quality; Interesting percussion lines; Innovative melodies; A skill at “shaping the air” with sub signals; Ability to take you on a music journey that never becomes static or “safe"; Ability to move between energy levels, emotions, and sub-genres with ease.

We also believe that artists deliver their most memorable performances in intimate environments with exceptional sound… where they know their audience is with them, and excited to hear what lies deep in their crate. We want our artists to feel comfortable enough to do their best work.

Big artists demand big fees, which means big ticket prices, big venues, big crowds. Is bigger always better? We don’t think so.

If you are looking for big headliners who will predictably deliver the same product every time… Antidote is probably not for you. If you are looking for production spectacles and huge crowds, then Antidote might not be your thing. There are plenty of promoters in NYC already doing that. We’re looking for party-goers who are excited to discover new artists and new sounds. We’re looking for the music heads.

If that’s you, join our Antidote group… we promise to deliver you the music, quality, surprises, and intimate vibes you are looking for. We'll post steep discounts for you there because we want you on our dancefloor!