Steve Graham


Steve is no stranger to the ever changing tides of the underground music scene. From his initial stomping grounds in Tampa, Florida to his current home here in New York, he has always managed to leave his footprint on the scene wherever he has been. From 2004-2012, he achieved critical successes during his stint in Tampa. His time in Florida culminated in organizing some of the most amazing sunset boat cruises, WMC parties, as well as a number of club events, monthly and weekly residencies.

Since relocating to New York in 2012, Steve has surrounded himself around some powerful entities and talent including San Francisco’s Listed Productions and Cityfox NY. In 2014 he co-founded Fiction with Joe Foxton and began to put his stamp on the NYC music scene, with a series of sunset boat parties, club events and their monthly 'SideshoWs'. Lucky enough to play alongside some of the heavy hitters in the industry, the likes of Dixon, Ame, Eagles & Butterflies, The Drifter, Vincenzo, Adriatique, KRINK, and Midas 104 to name a few, New York has been incredibly inspiring to say the least.

Steve's dance floor objective has been and always will be to tell a story and take you on a journey. His sound can be described as percussive with a little swing.


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